The MicroPsi Project

The MicroPsi project has its roots in an architecture for emotional agents, the Artificial Emotion Project. Our agents are based on executable semantic networks (for lack of a better name, we refer to them as AEP node nets), and a great deal of our work is concerned with providing and extending a framework to run and test agents.


Overview of the framework

The framework currently consists of a graphical editor and runtime system for node nets, an editor and simulator for agent environments, a console allowing to address components and individual agents running on different computers in a network, some monitoring tools to conduct experiments, and a 3D viewer using the Nebula engine for displaying an immersive view of the simulated agent world. The framework has been written in Java and is provided as a plugin for the popular Eclipse system. Thus, it is truly platform independent.
To design agents in the framework, first the plugin is installed, and then individual agents can be designed within the framework. While we are usually concerned with MicroPsi agents, it is perfectly possible to experiment with totally different concepts, such as Braitenberg vehicles, genetic architectures etc.
However, our main focus is the development of agents according the the MicroPsi architecture. We are always welcoming support and people that are willing to contribute. Planned enhancements include:
• Planning
• Category Generation
• Language (both simple and construction grammars)
• Control of actual robots
• 3D interaction and more interesting virtual worlds
• Emotional expression
• A-Life simulation

An online resource and documentation is maintained in our SnipSnap Wiki. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding installation and usage of the system, of if you are interested in contributing.
• Getting Started
• Installation
• Downloads


Editor for node nets

Agent simulation

3D visualization